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There’s a Wonderfully Strange Ship Graveyard

WHEN I MOVED to Staten Island a couple years ago, it comforted me to see the blackened stubs of old pillars poking out of

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30 Browse Masterpieces of Mass Death
WALLACE STEVENS wrote of dying as “absolute and without memorial.” This is Pieter Bruegel’s circa 1562 world-masterpiece painting The Triumph of Death, a panoramic pandemonium of an army of skeletons laying waste to a barren burning landscape while m
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31 Call Someone
MY COUSIN JACOB SOLOME, or Jack, will only tell me how old he is; for the purposes of this article, he says, “Put me down in the high 90s.” He met his wife, Eda, now 99 and suffering from dementia, when they spent two years hiding from the Nazis in a
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6 Schedule a Cocktail Hour
RESTAURANT CRITICS tend to be always thinking about our next dinner or, more recently, our next drink. So it’s no surprise that I’ve been put in charge of panic-supplies procurement by the three women who run the suddenly crowded little Platt househo