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Wendy Goodman Is Here
In May I Come In? (Abrams, September 25), Wendy Goodman, who first worked for New York in 1984 and has been producing design stories here since 1997, recounts an unusual life. An uncanny percentage of her friends are hugely talented and/or just fabul
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3 Troy
3 HOURS FROM THE CITY Gothic churches turned galleries, farm-to-table Korean food, and a standout Greenmarket. It Was Once a Steel Town SLIGHTLY FARTHER AFIELD, about 140 miles from the city, Troy sits on the Hudson but is not technically in the H
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The Look Book
Are you here for Fashion Week? I actually live in Chinatown, as of a year ago. But I’m from Texas. I’m represented here and in Japan. How’d that happen? A couple years ago, I got a DM asking if I wanted to sign with this agency in Japan. I was prett