MacKenzie Phillips

In 1980 actress Mackenzie Phillips joined her father, John Phillips (whom Mackenzie claimed she had an incestuous relationship with in her 2009 memoir High on

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Andy Samberg
One of the jumpsuits with the cape on it from Hot Rod. It’s in my closet in case I need to bust it out for some reason. Probably every week I’m a little bit injuring my neck and back picking up my kid [his 3-year-old daughter]. I definitely have reac
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Dear John…The Star Answers Questions from Readers!
John Legend isn’t just the guy fans turn to for soulful lyrics set over great melodies. Though the EGOT-winning musician and popular Voice coach can deliver that like no other, he has long used his massive platform to do much more. As he aptly titled
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5 Things We’re Talking About This Week!
The actress flashed her “11 11” ink during a video interview with her Friends costar Lisa Kudrow. A source says “the number 11 is special to her because of her birthday [Feb. 11] and Norman,” her beloved dog who died in 2011. No more drama—but more v