The abyss that is the value gap

AS I WALKED OUT OF MY HOTEL EARLY THIS MORNING, THE SAME HOTEL WHERE Trump and his supporters reveled in their surprise victory, I stumbled a bit. Slight vertigo had set in. Trump had pulled off a historic victory, and even though I wasn’t a Clinton supporter, the result threw me off. It happened. White America (and a smattering of people of color) elected an ill-informed

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After Job Losses, Power Cuts Loom For Millions
AFTER COVID-19 HIT, BRANDY WILCOXSON, A single mother in Atlanta, saw her weekly hours cut from 40 to around 13. Now, because she has to be home to supervise her two kids’ virtual learning, she can’t pick up more shifts at her job as a security guard
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The Games Force Change
ON AUG. 23, POLICE SHOT JACOB BLAKE SEVEN TIMES IN the back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Three days later, the Milwaukee Bucks declined to take the court against the Orlando Magic, and the NBA playoffs came to a halt. Games in the WNBA
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THE NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION After reading the essays and conversations about creating a better future for Black Americans that Pharrell Williams curated for the Aug. 31/Sept. 7 issue, readers agreed that the U.S. has a lot of work to do to live up to