From Nazi spies to time-traveling assassins
Pitt and Cotillard as spies in Allied


Nov. 18

Game of Thrones Richard Madden plays a Paris-based pickpocket trapped in a terrorist plot after stealing a bag that, unluckily for him, explodes soon after he discards it. Idris Elba’s rule-bending CIA agent, realizing his target is small fry,

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THERE ARE THINGS WE KNOW FOR sure about Vincent van Gogh: that he suffered from mental-health issues, that he cut off his left ear in 1888, that in some form or another his paintings—reproduced on coffee mugs, museum-shop scarves and laptop sleeves—b
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Protecting The Press
Marie Colvin was marked to die. She was targeted by Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad as surely as the shadowy powers in the royal court of Saudi Arabia plotted the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He was dead the moment he walked into the Saudi consulate. She
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PARTWAY THROUGH ANURADHA ROY’S All the Lives We Never Lived, the German artist Walter Spies makes the case for simply enjoying life in India amid the global upheaval of the 1930s. “We are oceans away from all that,” he says. Another character disagre