In A First, Connecticut's Animals Get Advocates In The Courtroom

The state's legal advocates are one sign of the emerging field of animal law. In 2000, nine law schools had courses in animal law; by 2015, that number was 151.
University of Connecticut law professor Jessica Rubin, left, and law student Taylor Hansen present arguments as animal advocates in a dogfighting case in Hartford on Tuesday. Connecticut is the first state to allow court-appointed advocates to represent animals in cruelty and abuse cases. / Pat Eaton-Robb /

A Connecticut law makes it the first state to provide animals with court-appointed advocates to represent them in abuse and cruelty cases, similar to laws that provide for victim's or children's advocates.

Seven lawyers and a law professor in the state are approved as volunteer advocates, the AP reports. Judges have discretion on whether to appoint an advocate; defense attorneys and prosecutors may

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