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'World Of Dance' Stars Keone And Mari Madrid Push The Art Form Forward, And Talk Its Influence On Their Relationship

"The reward is you get to do what you love with the person you love."

When Keone and Mari Madrid met for the first time at a dance workshop back in March 2008, they most likely didn’t know that, nearly a decade later, they would be a married couple competing on Jennifer Lopez’s competitive dance reality show World of Dance — but that’s exactly where their story has brought them today.

Using their unique storytelling approach to urban dance, the two have worked their way to the top of their division and will be going up against Les Twins — you know, Beyoncé’s backup dancers — to head into the finals. The ultimate prize for the winner or winners is a life-changing $1 million, something 29-year-old Keone and 31-year-old Mari — who were married in June 2012 — are hoping to walk away with in the end. The couple, who currently reside in Carlsbad, Calif., have big plans for their future both professionally and personally.

A Plus caught up with the pair to discuss a wide array of topics ranging from what competing on the hit NBC series has been like, what dance means to them, how they're pushing the art form forward, and how it has influenced their relationship.

A PLUS: You guys have worked with Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar, choreographed for "So You Think You Can Dance" as well as "Dancing With the Stars," and appeared on "The Ellen

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