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Grub Up
Presenters Sara Cox (second left) and Polly Russell (right) with the Ellis family “What’s very revealing is how reliant people were on basic carbohydrates” For working-class families striving to subsist in the wake of the First World War, life w
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A Century for Women?
Asked for her address in the 1911 census, Emily Wilding Davison gave the unexpected answer “The House of Commons” – as indeed she was entitled to, for she had spent the night before hiding in a cupboard in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Pala
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Thatcher Becomes Britain’s First Female Party Leader
Tuesday 11 February 1975 was a big day in the Thatcher household. Carol was due to take one of her Law Society exams that afternoon, but her mother seemed to have other things on her mind. “You can’t be as nervous as I am,” Margaret Thatcher told her