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pieces of advice that I hear newbie runners tell each other is to “zone out” while on a run. Be it through music

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The Inside Lane
THE LATE ANTHONY BOURDAIN had a few clear rules for his staff when they were in the field filming his television shows: You never eat on an airplane. You never eat at the hotel. You never order a salad. The chef and storyteller knew that nothing slow
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This Year, I’m Not Chasing a PR. I’m Chasing a PV.
For the past decade, I’ve set a running goal at the start of each year, and each year the goal has been identical: to achieve a personal record (PR) in the marathon. The time I aim for has shifted as I’ve improved—from breaking 4 hours in 2009 to qua
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Boost Your VO2 Max In The Gym So Miles Feel Easier On The Road
Eliud Kipchoge’s VO2 max is estimated to be near 90; sub-threehour marathoners average 65.5; and three-plus-hour marathoners are around 58.7. The average untrained adult lands at about 40. These numbers represent the maximum amount of oxygen a runner