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DIY generation: Out of the Box

Started in 2015 as an initiative to make society more inclusive for senior citizens and to help them connect to the younger generation, Aanchal Gupta stumbled upon

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Not So Appy
On June 29, India’s ministry of information technology blocked 59 Chinese apps, which, in its words, were ‘engaged in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India’. Telcos will already be taking the necessary steps to carry out th
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From The Editor-in-chief
Modern warfare is fought at many different levels, although the current military stand-off between India and China in the Himalayas started in the most medieval fashion—with clubs and fisticuffs—leaving 20 of our soldiers dead and an undeclared numbe
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The China Syndrome
Bridging the trade deficit with China—close to $55 billion—will not be easy given the heavy reliance of Indian businesses on Chinese goods While China is key to India’s imports, it’s clearly not the case for the former India depends heavily on Chin