Trump Ambassador Beat Woman During Watergate: Report

Stephen King, Trump’s envoy to the Czech Republic, reportedly roughed up the wife of Nixon’s campaign director to silence her about Watergate crimes.
Martha Mitchell with her husband, former Attorney General John Mitchell, one of Richard Nixon's top aides, when he was being sworn in at the Senate on May 11, 1973.
Mitchell Source: Keystone/Getty Images

American presidents have a long history of awarding ambassadorships to colorful characters to thank them for campaign donations—roughly a third of U.S. ambassadors have no diplomatic experience beyond rounding up cash for successful presidential candidates.

Among them is Stephen King, 76, a longtime confidante and booster of House Speaker Paul Ryan (and former business partner of Ryan’s brother, Tobin), who is the new U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic. He has no diplomatic experience and had never spent a day in Prague before taking up his post there on December 7. Radio Prague, the official state news outlet, called him “a rich Republican businessman…who worked for the FBI early in his career.”

Left unsaid was that King reportedly played a crucial role in the 1972 Watergate affair.

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