High Points

▸ Two-foot-deep swim platform is ideal for coving, with an oversize stainless-steel grab handle, fourstep telescopic ladder, and remote for the Polk audio system.

▸ Tired of hunting for seatadjustment levers▸ Chaparral opts for oversize, easy-to-handle polished levers, relocated to the topside of

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Trailers Triumphant
Can you name an invention or innovation with more societal impact than the automobile? The computer might be a contender. In any event, the car did more than change the way we live. It also changed the way we boat. Boating had been the province of th
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The Newbies
The new ensigns to board with us at Nome had varied backgrounds. Katherine Haerr, from Plano, Texas, is a marine science major. She applied twice for the Coast Guard Academy before she was accepted. Her toughest entry challenge was the aerospace test
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The Stories Don’t Die
White wine is not frequently served at the Lake View Inn. We are more of a beer and brandy Old-Fashioned crowd. But last week bartender Wally found us a bottle of blanc and some fancy glasses to toast our old friend, Harold Buchholz, who got unlucky