Source: The competition closes 25 January 2018. By taking part, you agree to be bound by the competition rules: futureplc.com/competition-rules. Entries must be received by midnight on 25 January 2018 (UK time). Open to UK residents aged 18 years and over. There will be four winners, entitled to one Pioneer XDP-30R unit each. The prize is non-transferable and non-refundable. There is no cash alternative.Worth £1,396 TOTAL!

We all love to have our favourite songs with us wherever we are, and listen to them in the best possible quality. But to do both, you need

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How To Buy The Perfect T-shirt
As Ben Hardy shows (left), a great t-shirt can add a more casual touch to suits, or work in tandem with your favourite jeans for the ultimate in clean, comfy style. But do you know which types of t-shirts and materials work with, rather than against,
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What You Need To Know About Buying 5g
Don’t go 5G just for the sake of it – check whether you’ll actually be covered. Quite a lot of major cities will have the new tech in 2019, but it’s far from all, and some cities will only have coverage from one network. Check whether EE, Vodafone an
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High-end headphones tend to be open-backed, which allows for a more natural sound, but also lets in outside sound. Headphone maestro Focal has made its first closed-back headphones, which bring incredible sound quality from 40mm Beryllium dome driver