Here are my New Year’s resolutions. Some of them apply to medicine as well

In all the ways I want to improve in 2018 — be it being more mindful, or speaking up for myself, there are a lot of ways medicine can change…

I spent 2017 deep in resistance. I fought against systemic injustice, inequality, and oppression, both in my personal life and in my work as a psychiatrist in training. That fight, coupled with the stresses of residency, brought me to the end of the year knowing I would need to make changes for 2018.

I’ve decided to say “no” more often. I’ve decided to examine the bad habits and the behaviors that cost me time but give me little in return. I’ve decided to make mindfulness a continuous practice. And I want to read more, so that I can further learn about empathy and understanding. And I’m doing all this so that I can continue to fight for equality, in and out of the hospital halls.

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