Tidying your keychain

Yes, but keep backups in case you need access in the future. If you’re not using iCloud Keychain, these are stored locally

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Other Problems
WHY CAN’T I ACCESS MY iPHONE IN THE FINDER WHEN I CONNECT IT VIA USB? IN MACOS 10.15 Catalina, desktop file exchange with iOS and iPadOS devices is now done in Finder. Connect your iPhone or iPad with a suitable USB cable and it should appear in the
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A New Way To Sign In
EVERY TIME YOU log in to a website or app using Facebook or Google, the two tech giants collect data about you. While you can use a custom login instead (often using an email address), there’s an alternative. Sign in with Apple is a quicker and more
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CHOOSING A WINNING password manager here is not easy. While the basics and security are common throughout, what differentiates the apps is their add–on features, ease of use and, of course, pricing. iCloud Keychain is great for the basics, but it’s d