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Hiri Makes Email Less Horrible




3.5/5 Stars

PROS Contains excellent features for making email better. Incorporates a to-do list and calendar. Competitive price.

CONS Supports Microsoft-based email only. No mobile apps. Requires using a new interface. Scheduling and reminders need improvement.

For working people, email is still a necessary evil. A whole class of productivity apps has emerged to mitigate some of email’s inherent problems, and Hiri is one such contender. This downloadable app is an alternative interface for your Microsoft email account. It adds a wealth of tools designed to make email better. A dashboard with a timer discourages you from checking your inbox obsessively. A to-do list off to the right side of the screen holds synopses of messages that you’ve turned into tasks. Hiri’s price is competitive, and its features are actually beneficial. It works with Microsoft email only, however, and it doesn’t offer any mobile features.

Hiri works only with Office 365; hosted Exchange on Windows, Mac, and Linux; Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, Live.com, and MSN.com. It doesn’t support Gmail or other non-Microsoft accounts, which rules it out as an option for

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