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Although it came into being a couple of decades before I entered the job market, “New Journalism” was one of the reasons I became a writer and editor. I grew up reading Hunter S. Thompson’s stories in Rolling Stone. Yes, there were lots of drugs,

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PC Magazine11 min read
Microsoft Surface Studio 2: Beautiful and Pricey
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Starts at $3,499, $4,199 as tested 4/5 Stars PROS Elegant all-in-one digital creation solution. Snappy performance. Super-thin, spectacular display that reclines. Accurate touch input for art/design work. USB-C support.
PC Magazine5 min readTech
The AI Industry’s Year of Ethical Reckoning
Ever since deep neural networks won the world’s most important image-recognition competition in 2012, everyone has been excited about what artificial intelligence could unleash. But in the race to develop new AI techniques and applications, the possi
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Your GPS Devices May Stop Working On April 6
Remember the Y2K bug? It didn’t turn out to be the disaster everyone predicted. But come April 6 of this year, we could be facing a similar kind of disaster—only this time, it’s GPS devices rather than computers that might grind to a halt. As The Re