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This is not a story about death. This is a story about Life.

What makes life worth living? that question has consumed the minds of philosophers, scholars, and writers for centuries. socrates felt it was striving to know and understand ourselves. Alice Walker said it lay in expressing our deepest feelings and emotions. today’s positive psychologists believe it is meaningful work, play, love, and service to others. We don’t know which of them—if any—are right. But maybe, just maybe, the way

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Pocket Change
This site provides actionable wellbeing workshops and therapistmatching (kinda like online dating), with your goals, budget, and insurance in mind. Free, tryframe.com Get a text three days a week with activity ideas to keep you busy and productive in
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Beauty Closet MVPs
Gentle aloe and glycerin mean this makeup-melting cleanser feels as refreshing as cool water. —Kristina Rodulfo, beauty director Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser, $38, sephora.com My new lip love: a balm that glides on like butter, thanks to t
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Hold the H2O
Water is the elixir of life…and beauty products. On average, a cream is 60 to 85 percent H2O. Lotion? Ninety percent. And shower gel? A whopping 95 percent, according to product formulator Univar Solutions. This makes them heavier to ship (hi, carbon