pack mentality

THERE ARE RIDERS WHOSE HONOR-STUDENT CANINES WILL stick to a tire as well as their own shit does, but most trail dogs would never pass

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Blank Slate
“Hi, I’m Kristin,” I say. “I know, we just met.” Their confused look, the one sometimes laced with mild offense, is one I’ve come to know well. I’ve had this conversation at nearly every social gathering I’ve ever attended. It still happens, but not
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Lost Cargo
Name: Wyatt Brown Breed: Chocolate Lab Last Seen: Squamish, BC In June of 2013, Frankie Choltco-Devlin and a buddy were on a weekend-warrior road trip through the Sea to Sky corridor. They’d brought their bikes, climbing gear, camping gear, general d
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Launch Pad
When mountain biking took hold in the loamy, wooded petri dish that is western Canada, a uniquely gravity-focused aesthetic emerged. Gravity was already kind of a big deal, given the high concentration of world-class skiing and snowboarding. And duri