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• Formerly professor of art and director of photography at the University of Delaware, jjweiss now leads travel photography workshops. He’s led seven photo safaris to Kenya and Tanzania, and 26 more worldwide.

• jj has a three-day workshop in Los Angeles in September 2017. It’s titled Flex Your Street Photography Muscles at Muscle Beach,

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Book Of Love
For a number of years, I was doing photography on the side; I only started my full-time photography business just before Covid-19 began. (Oh, the irony.) My primary passion is lifestyle family photography. I specialise in emotive storytelling session
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With a CV that boasts the titles of photographer, documentary filmmaker, writer and TV presenter, it’s clear that Olga Michi is a woman of many talents. Her latest ‘production’ is the book Vulnerable, which was shot in three key areas of the world –
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Spellbinding Creations
Lockdown may have meant that my studio had to close, but it has not meant my imagination needed to shut down, too. I am essentially a portrait and family photographer, but families have not been allowed in my studio during lockdown, so I have had to