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THE WRITERS I HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF TALKING WITH these days have one thing in common: They are all incredibly busy. I believe the most precious gift one could offer a creative person is time: unscheduled, unencumbered, unhurried time. But when

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Poets & Writers2 min gelesen
Feedback from readers Kevin Larimer’s “Maybe This Is Enough for Now” (July/August 2020), calmed the ruthless self-critic who kept nagging me for not using quarantine time to write. After reading the Editor’s Note, I recalled the 2019 Kauai Writers Co
Poets & Writers9 min gelesen
Online MFA Programs
WHEN the COVID-19 outbreak spread across the United States in the spring, forcing colleges and universities to move online for the remainder of the semester, it was business as usual for my students who take fully online creative writing courses at L
Poets & Writers4 min gelesen
Writing in Spanish Elevates Academia
An estimated fifty-threemillion Spanish speakers live in the United States. This is the largest Spanish-speaking population outside of Mexico and makes Spanish the second-most-spoken language in the United States. Reflecting this growing demographic,