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As Bears continue another reboot, GM Ryan Pace faces pressure to produce

INDIANAPOLIS - Ryan Pace ducked into Matt Nagy's office at Halas Hall recently and found himself instantly energized. Inside, the new Bears coach was glued to the film of a prospective free agent, plowing through a series of five games.

To Nagy's left was a notebook in which he was scribbling evaluation notes vigorously on the player. To the right was another notebook, this one for details on any plays or concepts the coach might be interested in lifting.

Pace could feel Nagy's wheels turning and sensed the magnetism of the coach's curiosity and creative energy.

"It was awesome to see," Pace said.

This, the 41-year-old general manager is certain, means something.

With every conversation, throughout every meeting, Pace can feel Nagy's natural intelligence and passion for learning. The depth of Nagy's knowledge combined with his quest to further it has resonated.

From their speed-date interview Jan. 7 in Kansas City, Mo., to their current trek to the NFL

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