I planned a short boat ride aboard my 330 Sea Ray Sundancer from the dock to a local waterfront restaurant located on Lake of the Ozarks. The water was a little rough but nothing that bad, though the boat did hit one big wave nearing the no-wake zone.

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Q: What’s a good way to fix the foggy bezels of my boat’s engine gauges? Bart MancusoFreeport, New York A: A mild polish or even toothpaste will work to restore clarity to hazy bezels. If the fogginess you refer to is real fog—moisture inside the gau
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Polk’s Miracle Dsp Audio
Polk Marine Audio enlisted Bongiovi to develop its digital signal processing (DSP) system with three objectives. First, to optimize each stereo system by adjusting output settings to each specific speaker and amp in the setup. Second, to optimize tha
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Mirror, Mirror
For longtime trailer-boaters, backing up a trailer is second nature. They have “game,” as my son calls it, thanks to years of experience and muscle memory. It’s poetry in motion, a ballet of truck and trailer that allows them to quickly launch the bo