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Let's hear it for tyranny!

Now that he is in effect Russia's president for life, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has ordered another big win for himself at the polls. This time he was awarded 76.7 percent of the vote at last rigged count. He just picks a number, a number to his liking, and sure enough the official tally will echo it down to the decimal point. (Hey, seven is a lucky number! Let's use a couple of them!) It's like the terrible old

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Mike Didn't Get It Done
The only thing that can be said about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's first appearance with his fellow Democratic presidential candidates in Las Vegas Wednesday night was that Mike did not get it done, as his campaign ads promise he wi
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Bernie's Assault On Our Cliché Of Greatness
"Excuse me, occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy." I don't think I've heard that much honesty from a mainstream-party presidential candidate in virtually half a century. And suddenly this race begins to matt
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Dear Candidates, You Need Latinos More Than They Need You
Is this what respect feels like? Democratic presidential candidates are bickering over who deserves the Latino vote. I wonder if the 2020 election will bring about a change in Democratic interest-group politics. Specifically, will Democrats finally b