On Easter, a Hail Mary answered

Notre Dame’s Ogunbowale launches her championship-winning shot against Mississippi State on April 1

ARIKE OGUNBOWALE WASN’T EVEN supposed to get the ball. But with three seconds left in the women’s college national championship game on April 1

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Is This A Model For Reparations In The U.S.?
MARY HALL DANIELS ERECTED HER FINAL HOME in Hilliard, Fla., just the way she liked it. Three bedrooms, two baths, encased in light brown brick with a miniature palm tree out front. There was a metal carport in the back for her sturdy Dodge Intrepid a
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Down The Rabbit Hole
KELLY FERRO IS A BUSY MOM ON HER WAY TO the post office: leather mini-backpack, brunet topknot, turquoise pedicure with a matching ombré manicure. A hairdresser from Kenosha, Wis., Ferro didn’t vote in 2016 but has since become a strong supporter of
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A Devastating Milestone
IN MARCH, AS THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC HIT NEW YORK, MY colleague Kat Moon decided—wisely, it turned out, given what was ahead for the U.S.—to decamp to her childhood home, Taipei. Despite its proximity to mainland China, where the outbreak originated, Tai