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How “Foodfluencers” Celebrate Mother’s Day

Source: Curtis Stone shares his omelette recipe in honor of his beloved mom, Lozza, for Mother's Day. (SEE RECIPE, P. 54)

Curtis Stone

This Aussie chef needs no introduction. Best known for his hit show, Take Home Chef, Curtis has worked in high-end professional kitchens in Melbourne, London and Los Angeles – but despite his extensive professional experience, he still credits his mum and granny for teaching him everything he knows about cooking. His philosophy is similar to Clean Eating’s: Keep it simple and cook with naturally produced ingredients just as Mother Nature intended. This easy omelette recipe does just that with smoked salmon and goat cheese – and we promise, it won’t disappoint. (Curtis told us that he made this recipe for Mother’s Day for his wife, Lindsay, and it put him in her good books for days!) We used a hot smoked salmon, but a lox would work here just as well. The brilliant beet relish adds a tart, earthy flavor that we just love – you’ll want to make extra to have on hand for topping salads, smearing on sandwiches or dolloping onto lettuce wraps.

Clean Eating: What gives this recipe special meaning for you?

Curtis Stone: There are just so many elements in this Smoked Salmon Omelette recipe that appeal to my mum, Lozza. She is a big fan of fish and seafood and lives close to the water back in Australia. Also, Lozza has her own chickens, so eggs seem like a given for a Mother’s Day breakie in bed or brunch. And while beetroot isn’t seen much in the States, we use it in Oz often. That piece-of-home accompaniment is just scrumptious.

CE: Has the recipe been adapted or made healthier than the original?

CS: Not particularly. I make every attempt to cook healthy, and

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