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You’d have to give birth to a 30-pound baby to truly know how a kiwi bird feels

If it looks like a fruit and acts like a mammal, what is it?
kiwi bird

A brown kiwi, one of five living species.

Kiwis—the birds, not the people or the fruit—are as un-bird-like as you can get while still being a nationally treasured bird. And, as some people found out on Twitter and Reddit found out this weekend, they lay unbelievably large eggs.

That is not photoshopped. It is an actual x-ray image showing an egg roughly one-quarter the, the best-named conservation group ever, a female kiwi (bird) has to eat three times as many calories as usual to feed the growing egg inside her. Her fuzzy belly will eventually drag on the ground and get so big that she’ll have to fast for the last few days of her pregnancy—there won’t be any room for food.

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