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The Don Cossacks
Once Catherine the Great stripped the Zaporozhian Cossacks of their arms and privileges on 5 August 1775, the much touted freedom associated with the horsemen was little more than a formality. The Napoleonic Wars and other conflicts in the 1800s mean
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Kings, Tsars And Field Marshals
During the 17th century, the Swedish Empire had expanded and at its height it included Finland and parts of modern Norway, Germany and the Baltic States. For a relatively small Scandinavian country this was an unprecedented success and it caused rese
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Cossacks With Kalashnikovs
Cossacks have been an integral part of Russia’s armed forces since the late 18th century. Their roles have evolved over generations and whole eras but when it came to policing cities and towns, as well as supporting regular army formations, Cossacks