History of War


Recognised by the western Allies, The Polish president, government and commander-in-chief at first held office in Paris, then, after the fall of France in

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Authors: Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic Publisher: Simon & Schuster Price: 9.99 Released: Out Now All most people will know about USS Indianapolis will have come from the chilling monologue delivered by the character of Quint in the Steven Spielberg m
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Men Of 7th Armoured
Hobart is famous for creating three armoured divisions. At the start of the war he was sent to Egypt to turn the ‘Mobile Force’ into what became 7th Armoured in February 1940. On returning to England he raised 11th Armoured followed by the 79th Armou
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When The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919 the world was still spinning in a postwar stupor. It had taken over half a year of Allied negotiations for the settlement to be fulfilled, entering completion some seven months after the gunfir