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Forget allergy shots. Try allergy toothpaste.

The future of allergy treatment could be as easy as brushing your teeth.
a man brushes his teeth

Just keep brushing.

Despite affecting some 50 million Americans, allergies aren’t super well understood. The sparks that ignite your immune system can range from sunlight to onions, and symptoms of an attack are just as varied. For that reason, we’re spending several weeks writing about allergies—what they are, how they manifest, and how we can find relief. This is PopSci’s Allergic Reaction.

Allergies are unpleasant. Just ask anyone who equates the advent of spring with a runny nose or the presence of a cute puppy with itchy eyes. Unfortunately, most allergy treatments—which tend to involve lots and lots of needles—are as unpleasant as the allergens themselves.

But there’s a new option on the market: Allerdent, an allergy desensitizing toothpaste. While it’s not as widely available as traditional methods, the toothpaste seems to offer an easy (and

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