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BUZZWORD: COMPLEX A circuit in which you use one piece of equipment and one load, and do the moves without putting the equipment down. Try this barbell complex: 5 deadlifts, 5 bent-over rows, 5 shrugs.

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Anxity Relief On Tap
SO YOU HAVE anxiety about another coronavirus outbreak. Anxiety about your bank account. Anxiety that change is happening too fast. Anxiety that change isn’t happening fast enough. It’s the great anxiety pileup of 2020. As COVID-19 was peaking in the
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Own Your Pushups
MOVE MAESTRO: KAI BRADEN. What’s the best way to build up to a pushup? Not the way you think. Plenty of trainers suggest that novice gymgoers start with pushups on their knees. But that’s not ideal, says David Otey, C.S.C.S., an Equinox trainer. “Pus
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Feeling Good
FOR A PERIOD of my life, I somehow convinced myself that shoving my fingers down my throat and forcing myself to vomit away whatever I had just eaten was the way to exercise control. The notion, as utterly stupid as it sounds, proved hard to shake. T