Getting In the Investing Game

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, the daughter of Charles Schwab, is board chair and president of the Charles Schwab Foundation, whose mission is to help people become financially fit through education; senior vice president of Charles Schwab & Co.; and board chair of Schwab Charitable, a donor-advised fund. She has an MBA and is a certified financial planner. During a visit to the Kiplinger offices, she and

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Avoid Blindly Following Random Benchmarks on the Road to Retirement
Investment benchmarks are kind of like all those random signs you pass on the road. Sometimes, they’re informational. Sometimes, they’re entertaining. But all too often, they’re just downright distracting. And if you put too much focus on the wrong o
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The Bull Run Is Over: It’s Time To Replace Luck with a Plan
When the market plummeted on March 9, for the first time since 2008, I was on a beach in North Carolina, watching my 3-year-old chase seagulls. It was supposed to be a “mental health” day. My wife’s boss had generously lent us her beach house for a
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15 Best Fidelity Funds for the Next Bull Market
The rise of low-cost index funds and ETFs over the last decade or two has revolutionized the way people invest. However, while a lot of folks are content to simply "buy the market" with indexed long-term holdings, investors still have their choice of