Anxiety Grows Over Anti-Immigrant Actions: 'We Feel They Are After Us'

Many immigrant families say they are more anxious and fearful than ever that even those here legally may be rounded up and deported. Many Hispanic Americans in particular are living on edge.
Retired truck driver Frank Rivera, 63, prays at the grotto of the Sacred Heart in the courtyard of St. Alexis Catholic Church, Bensenville, Ill. About half of Bensenville's residents are Latino, many of whom were born here or came to the U.S. decades ago and are U.S. citizens. Source: David Schaper

The Trump administration's practice of separating children from their parents at the border is not just heartbreaking to other immigrants but also terrifying. Even immigrants who are in the country legally are beginning to worry that their families could be broken apart, too.

The anti-immigrant threats and actions have many Hispanic Americans in particular living on edge.

Tears immediately start streaming down the cheeks of Sarah, a Mexican immigrant, when she is asked about watching recent news stories on TV.

"I'm sorry," she says in broken English, as she chokes back tears and struggles to find words. "It's ... emotional ..."

The scenes of mothers and children being

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