They met on a jet in 1998. He was an assistant professor in Oklahoma with a PhD in sociology. She had a PharmD and a job in big pharma. The chemistry between Eddilisa Martin and Marcus Martin was instant; they married a year later. Their entrepreneurial offspring is 2M Research, a health care–focused research and consulting firm.
A Flight of Destiny A chance meeting on an airplane led to a family and a business plan.

Eddilisa and Marcus Martin → 2M Research

Three-year growth 1,706.3% • 2017 revenue $9.5 million


MARCUS: When Eddilisa and I met, she had just gotten a job at Abbott Laboratories in Irving, Texas, a Dallas suburb. We settled in Arlington, and I kept teaching at the university—I commuted—and all Eddilisa and I talked about was how we could use our expertise to start a

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