Think Twice About Free Wi-Fi

While you're taking a break from work, there's a good chance that fraudsters are working overtime, and their tactics are increasingly sophisticated. Crooks use

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How Holiday Shopping Happens in a Pandemic
David Muhlbaum: Like so many things in 2020, Black Friday and its associated discounts will be different this year. DealNews consumer analyst Julie Ramhold joins us to talk about how to find deals as we head into the holidays. We'll also talk about w
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Are You Liable When a Customer’s Hummer Gets Stolen from Your Parking Lot?
My paralegal, Anne, buzzed me: “You have a woman on the phone who is crying. Her car was stolen from the parking lot of a motel, and she can’t get anyone to help her.” I took the call immediately. “Emma” explained that she and her husband were fleein
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Find Higher Yields for Your Cash
There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Yields on savings accounts, certificates of deposit and other safe places to park your cash are disappointingly low, and interest rates will remain in the dumps for a while. In response to the coronavirus crisis, last