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South Korea should not warm to North Korea too quickly, Iran cannot blame Trump for its problems, New Israeli law hurts the balance between nationality and democracy, In defense of journalism, Bangladesh should develop a ‘circular’ clothes-making model

Korea JoongAng Daily / Seoul, South KoreaSouth Korea should not warm to North Korea too quickly

“In a joint announcement by the Department of State, the Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. government on [July 24] issued a warning not to loosen sanctions on joint ventures with [North Korea]...,” states an editorial. “It also warned about tactics used by Pyongyang to evade international

The Guardian / LondonWhy Iran cannot blame Trump for its problemsThe Irish Times / Dublin, IrelandNew Israeli law upsets the balance between nationality and democracyThe Royal Gazette / Hamilton, BermudaIn defense of journalismThe Daily Star / Dhaka, BangladeshBangladesh should develop a ‘circular’ model for the global clothing industry

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