The Most Experienced Guy In Cannabis Has a Warning for You

Investor and business owner Steve DeAngelo says there's plenty of opportunity in cannabis -- but there are also a lot of entrepreneurs about to lose their money.
Source: Jamie Soia
Jamie Soia

With his hippie pigtails and smart suits, Steve DeAngelo perfectly embodies the split in today’s . He’s an old-school activist and advocate who joined the cannabis reform movement in the 1970s, attending July Fourth smoke-ins in front of the White House and the country to spread the word on the healing powers of weed. But he’s also a canny businessman with an expert read on the marketplace, which led him to begin with a profitable hemp company and later open , one of the largest, an angel investment company focused on . Here, he talks about where the industry is, where it’s going and what entrepreneurs can do to get in on the so-called Green Rush.

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