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Oedipal Complex

With her bracingly original take on a classic Greek myth, Daisy Johnson not only reinvents a story—but also the whole notion of storytelling itself.
“When I pitched this story to my publisher, it was an entirely different book,” says Daisy Johnson

DAISY JOHNSON MAKES the old so fresh, it feels raw. In her debut novel, Everything Under, she retells the

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Jhay Cortez
“I was born in Puerto Rico, but I moved back and forth between my island and the [continental] U.S. throughout the years. When I was 10, I returned to Puerto Rico, which was in the middle of a reggaeton boom. I remember discovering Don Omar’s music a
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Modern Love
WE LOVE THE ONES WE’RE WITH, but do we ever really know them? That’s the eternal question posed by a thousand songs and self-help koans—and now by several indie dramas due this month, to sometimes startling degrees of intimacy. Like its namesake, Mon
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Parental Guidance
THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONE SHINES IN THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES (NETFLIX, APRIL 30) AS A LUDDITE DAD TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD AND HIS FAMILY On its surface, The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a riotous Black Mirror for kids, but the heart of the film