Top Tailgates

YOU MIGHT BE A LITTLE hard-pressed, walking your way through a crowd of thousands in a cloud of barbecue smoke outside a college football stadium on a Saturday afternoon, to find a history major who could pinpoint the origins of tailgating. But you don’t need a Ph.D. to know why drink, food, friends, school loyalty, and giddy sports anticipation have established

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The Path to God
“I was such a self-assured little thing. I can now step back and be impressed that an 11-year-old child did that. The capability that I had at that age or that any good young actor has, it’s awe inspiring.” “It’s the movie people quote to me the most
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State Of Grace
IT’S A FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT THE ED SULLIVAN THEATER in Midtown Manhattan. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been off the air for a few nights, but the busy offices still hum with staff preparations for next week’s episodes. Stephen Colbert—clad i
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Words to Live By
ON THE NEW COP DRAMA Tommy, Edie Falco plays tough-talking Abigail “Tommy” Thomas, the first female chief of police in Los Angeles. After mob life on The Sopranos and ER mayhem on Nurse Jackie, the Emmy Award–winning actor, 56, tries out some law and