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ADOPT THESE HABITS: The 5 Daily Health Practices of Our Culinary Nutritionist

Pamela Salzman knows what it means to be busy. On any given day, you might find her teaching cooking classes around Los Angeles, creating recipes for Clean Eating or posting on her popular blog, But when it comes to her health, she doesn’t let her hectic schedule take a toll. We sat down with Pamela to find out which foods she eats daily to stay balanced. (And they don't involve painstakingly foraging for mushrooms or collecting water from a distant spring – they're all totally doable.)


Every day, around 3 or 4 pm – when Pamela’s energy starts to lag – she sits down to a homemade latte laced with a selection of adaptogenic herbs to manage stress and keep stamina up.

“My life is very fast-paced and I’m always on the go. I have to be alert because

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