Let them eat cake

knows that you’re dedicated to both your training and nutrition programs, but that doesn’t mean that every food or supplement you consume needs to be dry and tasteless. Cake Bites are designed to provide you with the mouth feel and satisfaction of a dessert while you adhere to

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According to a recent study from Washington State University, a 10-minute hands-on interaction with dogs and/or cats significantly lowered cortisol levels — and therefore stress — in students. The hands-on part of this equation seems to be essential
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Optimal Health At Any Age
There is no Benjamin Button secret to staying forever young, and every minute of every day you’re getting older, whether you like it or not. The good news is that many aspects of aging well are within your control, and if you exercise regularly, nour
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Smart Swaps
Yogurt is a healthy source of protein, calcium and probiotics. “Try subbing plain Greek yogurt into recipes where you’d traditionally use something like mayo or sour cream,” Carroll says. “Not only will you save some calories, but you’ll add extra pr