Jail Break


Allan Haber spent his first ski season in Upstate New York. He was 28 years old. He didn’t ski at Whiteface, or Hunter Mountain, or in the backcountry, or anywhere else you’d recognize, unless you were also a convicted felon. As a young man, Haber dealt heroin during the late ’60s and ’70s, which resulted in 15 years in and

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’d seen the photos of the boys and their homemade skis, the rough-hewn planks. They were from Bamiyan in Afghanistan’s central highlands, famous for the giant Buddhas carved into an escarpment 1,500 years ago and destroyed by the Taliban just months
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Foreplay for Powder Turns
Katie was pulling slots before 7 a.m. in Anaconda, Montana, coffee in one hand, coins in the other. Partway between Bozeman and Seattle, we were on a mission to hit as many mountains as we could before she had to be back at work in Boston the next Mo
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Pro Deal
Torrey Udall Age: 28 Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado Occupation: Director of Development and Operations for Protect Our Winters As a Colorado native with a family history of environmental activism, it was only fitting that Torrey Udall found his place