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A ‘post it’ note

Regarding your letter about the low number of APOY entries ( , AP 20 October). For a start, with APOY isn't it the case that one has to enter via a website, and can't send to a postal address via snail mail? Photographers may be deterred by the complexity of entering via the internet or simply cannot afford a laptop and broadband. What's wrong with the simple envelope, address and stamp with ‘please find enclosed', using the postage system? There is a big dependence on emailing work,

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Viewpoint Jon Bentley
I was pondering this subject at a London exhibition of Theo Simpson's pictures from the Jerwood Photoworks Awards earlier this year. They're impressively elemental works combining abstract photography and distinctive materials. For me, one stood out
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Mirrorless Motoring
I converted from Canon to Sony around a year ago. Ultimately, there were two deciding factors for me. First, I wanted a mirrorless camera system and secondly Sony launched its impressive 400mm f/2.8 lens. This lens demonstrated Sony's commitment to c
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It’s Good To Share
Daniel is a keen street photographer from Essex and like many of us during lockdown has been frustrated at not being able to get out and photograph street scenes. He tells us, ‘Instead I've had to try and find interesting light around the house. Afte