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Key Personnel

Petra de Mooy

Working on FLM comes with many rewards and Petra still pinches herself every time she archives another great story. When not wrangling content, you can find her hanging out with Jason and their daughter, gardening, or perusing the farmers’ market.

Jason Porter

Jason has worked as a graphic designer

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Fleurieu Living Magazine4 min gelesen
Family, Food And Farm
The butts of wine bottles protrude from a riddling rack alongside a coffee machine on a vintage workbench. A stand mixer sits ready to fill a tin marked ‘cakes’ and another ‘biscuits.’ It’s a room for the little, important moments of family life. As
Fleurieu Living Magazine3 min gelesenPsychology
Building Resilience
Experiences, both good and bad, can become imprinted on our senses, by a smell, a city, a song. Our memories are often triggered by these small things and can elicit the most pleasant of sensations, or painful reminders. It seems when a difficult exp
Fleurieu Living Magazine1 min gelesen
Being Social: Party for Purpose at Fall from Grace
Fall from Grace Wines hosted Party for Purpose on January 12 to raise much needed funds for the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network. Local businesses donated items to be auctioned and the event raised $18,000 – far surpassing the organisers’ expectation