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Against the grain

With her soft Scottish accent and passion for food and the Fleurieu Peninsula, Jacqui Good is impossible not to like. When I ask her to tell me about her business, Jacqui starts laughing: ‘It really sounds like a joke,’ she says. ‘Why did the Scotswoman move to Australia and produce an Egyptian street-food, which is exported to the Middle East?’ But Thistle Be Good is a very serious enterprise;

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Community Jump In To Rescue Little Fish
Have you ever heard of a Murray hardyhead or a southern pygmy perch? How about a southern purple-spotted gudgeon or a Yarra pygmy perch? Me either. These small-bodied fish are generally not well known to we landfolk, but they’re incredibly important
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Tea And Roses
Some people examine every detail of a decision before committing. Others dive in, the details trailing along in their wake, there to be sorted through later. Mandy de Rose is most certainly the latter. The creator of looseleaf tea company The Dandy T
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Sizzling Summer Book Reviews
by Malcolm Pryce Published by Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 978140889529 $29.99 It’s 1948 and Jack Wenlock’s young life appears to be following the unhappy trajectory of the British Empire which produced him, the latter never having been the same since