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Honey has a big presence in the remarkably well-preserved goldrush town of Beechworth in north-eastern Victoria. Visitors can taste more than 30 varieties of honey and buy all manner of bee-related products at the Beechworth Honey Experience then stroll down Ford Street to the Bee School to learn all about bee keeping, pollination, biosecurity and just how important these little critters

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Editor’s Letter
Welcome to the first issue of 2020. As this issue goes to press, we are looking back on a summer of extremes. To add to the insult of years of drought, a vast swathe of the country has been battling unprecedented bushfires. We’ve witnessed the heroic
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Store Strolling
Coomber Bros has been supplying customers with quality giftware and handcrafted jewellery since 1919. This gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring is set in 18-carat white gold. The company also specialises in cattle- and horse-brand jewellery. coomb
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Family Ties
They say you have to go away to appreciate what you have at home. For Peter and Roberta Doneley, who live on Dunraven station near Barcaldine in Queensland’s central-west, it was a group tour to WA’s Kimberley that prompted them to open their home to