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Grand Designs Australia3 min read
Alts and Adds
When it comes time for major alterations and additions, there are many driving and competing forces. The biggest challenges are often on restrictive tight inner-city sites heavily influenced by local planning regulations. The new design must respond
Grand Designs Australia3 min read
The Only Way Is Up
Twin homes have gone up in Collingwood and the sky’s the limit when it came to their vertical design. They sprawl skywards and promote small-space architecture and flexible family living. The ambitious pair of dwellings proposes an alternative to con
Grand Designs Australia2 min read
Storage Matters
I admit it, we have a lot of stuff. Stacks of old issues of Grand Designs Australia, kitchen gadgets upon kitchen gadgets, and clothes from “the archives” (of high school). It all seems to accumulate. Are you in the same boat? Ample storage is a luxu