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’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about small houses recently. I’ve even considered building one — in my back garden. Not really a small house, but rather an addition to my existing home to be used for visiting family and guest accommodation, or a studio in which to play my music or work in my own space.

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From the Editor
these have been strange times indeed as we all adjusted to a “new normal” that seemed to change week to week. One thing that never changes, of course, is our hunger for beautiful architectural and home design. Along with a round-up of fab whole-hom
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Grand Designs Australia
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Spicers Rises From The Ashes
The Lockyer Valley region has a lot going for it, but it’s also been dealt a disproportionate amount of hardship in recent years. Just one example is the devastating fire that destroyed the much-loved homestead at Spicers Hidden Vale retreat in 2018,