Lorette du Toit is the first to admit that putting together a book about her late husband just a few years after he succumbed to cancer took a heavy emotional toll on her. It

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WIN with Hansgrohe!
This award-winning design (winner of the 2016 International Forum Design Gold Award and a Red Dot Product Design Award) was created in collaboration with Stuttgart-based studio Phoenix Design. Part of Hansgrohe’s XXL Performance range, the Rainmaker
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9 Into the Swim of Things
Thankfully, 2019 ushered in a welcome body-positive movement and swimwear has stepped up to meet this reality. Beautifully bright, loud, proud and print-strong? No problem. A simple, quiet and calm single colour in a costume that works as a bodysuit?
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Sea Change
WE’RE ALL GUILTY OF HAVING DONE IT. Invited into a seaside home, we bypass its entertainment areas, occasionally its hosts, making an immediate beeline for the outdoor spaces beyond, seeking the soul-soothing, sensory rewards they offer: sunshine gli