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We’re an American car specialist, who can also do other classics… We’re not a ‘Jack of all trades’!”


Anyone who has restored a classic American car of any type will know of the perils of finding specialist companies that have the knowledge and expertise to carry out work to a required standard. Having found that specialist – paint shop, engine builder or transmission expert – the expense and hassle of having to then move a big American hulk of a car from one specialist to another, often by trailer, can make the job of Yank restoration budget-blowingly expensive.

That’s why, when

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Classic American
Ben Klemenzson Fran Lovely Paul Bussey, Richard Coney, Huw Evans, Jonathan Fleetwood, Keith Harman, Steve Havelock, Richard Heseltine, James Maxwell, Tony Oksien, Jooles Pearson, Mike Renaut, Will Shiers, Zack Stiling, Garry
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First Hellcat Red Eye Import In Europe
The first Hellcat Red Eye import has arrived in the UK via Germany and was brought in by Classic American advertiser Atlantic Autos, who have been in business for 20 years working on American cars with a background mostly in Mopars. This is the first
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STAR Letter
Dear Classic American, It was nice to see Jeremy Taylor’s journey through American car ownership in the November edition. I purchased the ’87 GT Mustang from him in or about 1994 and still own it to this day. It used to be my daily driver for a numbe